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Summary of Services

What You Can Expect from 1-1 Tutoring

1. Planning: A well defined and carefully constructed study plan makes MCAT preparation more efficient and removes the uncertainty regarding score progress. The major parts of planning include choosing the right study materials, discussing how to use those materials, and scheduling the order of the tasks that need to be accomplished.


2. Content Explanation: The MCAT tests over a vast amount of information, which includes some complex topics. Intuitive understanding of those topics is crucial to succeed on the test, and 1-1 tutoring sessions are extremely useful for generating that deep understanding in a much quicker timeframe than self studying can achieve. All tutoring clients will also have access to text support between sessions so that they can receive explanations as issues arise. 

3. Guidance in Building Passage Skills: Almost all of the questions on the MCAT are passage-based. The passages contain technical information, graphs, tables, and figures, all of which can be highly difficult to understand. Reading and comprehending the passages requires skills that are developed through careful practice and application of sound strategy. 1-1 sessions are a great opportunity to learn how to methodically break down and analyze a passage. Students are then encouraged to practice these skills on their own, and between 1-1 sessions they may send screen recordings of themselves talking through their own passage break downs and receive feedback and guidance on how to improve.

4. Extensive Feedback Between Tutoring Sessions: Between sessions, 1-1 clients have text support and can get feedback on screen-recorded passage breakdowns. These two things drastically increase the amount of progress students can achieve between 1-1 sessions, which helps keeps them on track to reach their goal score on time.

5. High Yield MCAT Content Guides: The traditional materials used to learn the material on the MCAT contain thousands of pages, and a large portion of the information in those sources is unlikely to ever be tested on. All clients will receive access to PDF's that I have made that cover the highest yield material in chemistry, physics, biology, and biochemistry. These materials streamline the content review process and help students reach practice questions early on in their studying. 

6. Research Based Study Strategies: Using a research-based study approach can help improve focus, retention, retrieval, and efficiency. All 1-1 clients will be introduced to modern techniques that can have major impacts on their progress.


Please email to schedule a free 30 minute consultation

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