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MCAT Experience

Two years after graduating from college I decided to pursue a career in education either by teaching high school or through tutoring the MCAT. I did a mixture of studying for the MCAT and teaching high school science as I decided between the two. I ended up taking the MCAT three times, with scores of 506, 517, and 520. After I scored a 520 I began working at one of the major MCAT tutoring companies. Eventually, I decided to leave and begin tutoring on my own. I have tutored over 1,000 hours and made this my full time career. I love helping students find success with the MCAT to pursue their goal of becoming a doctor, and seeing their confidence in their abilities grow is extremely rewarding. Tutoring has become a passion that I am consistently looking for ways to improve. I enjoy learning about new techniques to help with memorization, focus, passage skills, or anything else that can make the studying process more efficient and enjoyable for my students.

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