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Refunds: All payments are non-refundable and must be made on our website unless otherwise approved by us.

Cancellations: You must provide your reasonable cooperation in connection to receiving our services, including replying to our questions about scheduling sessions. We will not be liable for your failure to provide such cooperation. All cancellations require at least 24 hours notice or you will be charged for the planned duration of our tutoring session

Confidentiality: Please note that the materials, methods, and other information we provide to you under this agreement are confidential and owned by us. You shall protect the confidentiality of the same and shall not disclose the same to any third parties. However, we do not consider the following information as our confidential information, and you can use the same without breaching this agreement: (a) information you create on your own without use of our confidential information, (b) information you rightly obtain from a third party, and (c) information which is, or becomes, known to the public through no fault of you.

Privacy: We may allow a third party (for example, your parents) to pay for our services, but only if you approve the same. If a third party pays for our services, then we may provide general updates to them about your participation and progress, including providing them with a copy of this signed agreement. Otherwise, your information, information about our meetings, your scores or progress will not be shared without your consent.

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